CANCER FREE CHILD


In this website I will tell you what it is that causes Cancer in children and what you can realistically do to stop this ever happening.  You would not think twice about putting a seatbelt on in a car because the stats and common sense say it is a no brainer.  It is the same deal with Cancer triggers and you can greatly eliminate risk by following just two  pieces of advice, one that you must do, and one that you must not.


If you are so unfortunate to have a child with Cancer then there is still application from the above advice but also there is much more that you can contribute to the situation that can help tremendously and complement any conventional treatment that you may already be using.

I will go in to that in greater detail later on.

                               THE CAUSE OF ALL CANCERS

 Is a combination of a weakened immune system, viruses and a low cellular trans membrane potential.  And these in turn are caused by the following tangible interventions in order of the most damaging.


1.   Vaccines

2.   Geopathic Stress

3.   Viruses

4.   Energy Disfunction


The main culprit to compromise the immune system of a baby or child and introduce viruses and heavy metals in to the body and lower the trans membrane potential is Vaccinations. This is far and away the major cause of Cancer in children by a country mile. It,s the Elephant in the room, just so completely obvious you just can't see it. Since vaccines have been introduced there has been a corresponding increase in childhood Cancers.  And as the vaccine load increases on these vulnerable children the Cancer rates also increase.


It it is not only Cancer that results from vaccines, often it is even worse as some babies will die from a direct result of a vaccination and it will recorded either as an adverse reaction or possibly more likely as a Cot Death which does not link it to the vaccination.

In addition you have Autism another modern plague that has come out of nowhere and still has no official cause, well how can you get two Elephants sitting in the same room and no one notices, actually make that three as we now have Cancer, Cot Death and Autism as direct results of vaccinations.  It really is an absolute scandal that this is allowed to continue from year to year in this fashion . Only people power through accurate knowledge and political pressure on their MPs can have any hope of getting some action to turn this round.  Believe me it is not coming from medical research as that has other interests to serve , namely its own.



Ok , lets break these main points down a bit and explain why these conclusions have been reached.  It,s hard to know where to start with vaccines as this must be one of the biggest disasters ever to befall humankind, yet to many people they are the greatest thing since sliced bread, Ghandi made an interesting comment regarding them whe he said,




And regarding the Autism epidemic these statistics tell a harsh story.



  Autism is truly through the roof and that is part of the fall out from the vaccine epidemic, there is a  list of other disasters waiting to befall our innocent kids when we vaccinate them in the next illustration.


 How many of us had actually heard about Autism 10 or 20 years ago..I first saw an autistic child around 10 years ago and it was a bit of a shock to see a kid so detached and uninterested in people around her, I dont think she could speak if I remember correctly.  She was a little Ghanain girl of around 5 and was not able to function as a 5 year old usually would.

  I am pretty sure I know specfically what causes autism as I have been taking an interest in this for the last few years .  Not only that but how to succesfully deal with it and manage it to the best degree possible considering the collateral damage that has already been done. Even the medics are saying that it is linked to events before the birth of the chid..I agree, but only about 10 minutes before the birth.  The Epidural Pitocin is very strongly linked to the cascade that leads to conditions on the Autism Spectrum, it may not be the knockout blow but it is by far the most significant.  Anyone I have met with a kid on the spectrum has had an Epidural..well there,s a coincidence !

The other main cause of Autism is in fact the MMR vaccine as many sane and capable parents will tell you from their own and their child's personal experience.  Dr Andrew Wakefield was vilified and struck off for making this same association although he was many years later exonerated of the charges.


 There is further information regarding the Epidural connection and this can be accessed at an American site in which Elaine DeLack outlines a highly convincing hypothesis regarding the origin of this condition which she has worked back and forward  in a sense so that the cure also indicts the cause.  It.s a perfectly executed piece of scientific research that you wil be intrigued to read.


Looking at our next illustration we can see the myriad of disasters that can result from vaccination overload.





Lets speak about the other major component that has also slipped the medical world and general publics

gaze, Geopathic Stress...some say you dont get cancer without it, well that may be beating that drum too hard but they are not likely far from the truth.  I know of 2 people personally that have died of cancer that I have been able to check their sleeping area for evidence of ground based radiation by means of dowsing and found that both slept on lines of geopthic stress.  Honestly any kind of cancer research or treatment that does not take this subject seriously is completely deluding itself.  I have experienced this phenomana myself so I can reliably tell you all about it, believe me this stuff is real and it is harmfull and can raise in intensity under certain conditions like thunderstorms as the geopathic stress is generated by underground streams.  You have likely seen a dowser using rods looking for underground water to bore for.  Something is making these rods move together when he finds water, in fact it is the earths disturbed magnetic field due to flowing water.  Nothing new there, been around since the day dot, this is not a new discovery, it is not "scientific" whatever that is but it is just pure physics.

   If you try dowsing for water youself you may be surprised at just how strong the rods can pull.  It is similar to geting them pulled by someone standing there with a magnet.


       Here is an illustration of a Geopathicly Stressed house.














I slept in a similar situation for a few years in Aberdeen in the nineties and suffered from Chronic Fatigue, High Blood pressure, Impotence, and Arthritis for my troubles.  All of those conditions are long gone now including the Arthritis which was completely cured , not by anything the medical world offered, actually none of these conditions are areas of expertise for the medics, a bit like everything else that there is no cure for, just a lifetime of medication ! and plenty revenue for them. and jobs for the boys etc..


So there are a few ways to dodge your way around this stuff.  If you dont fancy learning to dowse yourself you can get a dowser to visit your home or do it remotely...many have this ability such as Jeff Jeffries who is Googleable.  You can also buy a device like the Raditech made by Dulwich Health by Mr Geopathic Stress himself Rolf Gordon whom I have known for over 20 years and have a great respect for his knowledge in this subject.  The Raditech plugs in to your electrical  ring main and uses the wiring to form a ring of protection in your home by the principles of Radionics.  Believe me I have seen dramatic effects with these machines as they can not only clear a house in seconds but also a person who has been sucking this stuff in for years.  At the moment in our house we have the Helios 3, a smaller unit that works on similar principles and costs around 150.00


When a baby or young child is put under the kind of stresses that can reduce a strong 30 year old man to multiple poor health issues then the fallout can be much greater, and  if you factor in the additional stress on the body from multiple vaccines then potentially fatal.